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CO2 Incubator
More than disinfection: BINDER CO2 incubators completely eliminate bacteria and spores thanks to an automatic sterilization process with air heated to 180 °C. This feature makes them the ideal chambers for cell cultivation or tissue culture more
Constant climate chambers
A constant climate chamber from BINDER in any implementation is a one-stop solution to easily and reliably manage your stability test or stress more
Heating ovens
Highest precision for fast drying. Diversity for all types of thermal: A BINDER heating oven or heating chamber is up to any tasks thanks to its wide temperature range - whether efficient drying, long-term controlled elevated temperatures or sterilization tasks for homogeneous temperature more
Environmental simulation chambers
Environmental simulation chambers from BINDER ensure perfect test room conditions thanks to the responsive steam humidification system and the patented APT.line™ airflow design. This guarantees exact measurements at any point even when the chamber is fully more
Incubators and cooling incubators
An incubator or cooled incubator from BINDER is the persuasive solution for stable incubation processes. They stand for optimal incubation of microbiological cultures and for reproducible results in every routine test in the laboratory - even under high batch throughputs in long-term more
Vacuum drying ovens
Vacuum drying ovens from BINDER dry samples completely without residues, scaling or oxidation, everything in overdrive.Thanks to the patented APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the electropolished inner chamber and the corrosion-resistant expansion shelf carrier made of stainless steel in the vacuum drying oven. This ensures even, gentle more
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