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Horizontal Gel Systems
A long-established technique, horizontal gel electrophoresis offers many advantages for nucleic acid separation, and remains today one of the mainstays of molecular biology. Cleaver Scientific’s MultiSUB™ range offers the most comprehensive and versatile range of horizontal gel electrophoresis units currently available for low- and high-throughput DNA and RNA applications.Read More
Vertical Electrophoresis Systems
Vertical electrophoresis utilises potent protein and nucleic acid analytical tools for applications within all aspects of life science research, ranging from purity determination to analysis of complex protein lysates. Accordingly, Cleaver Scientific’s remit is simple: to provide a comprehensive range of vertical electrophoresis systems – complete with tanks, inserts and reagents – to fulfill a variety of applications and techniques in different gel sizes and sample capacities.Read More
2D & Isoelectric Focusing
Now equipped with rehydration and focusing trays, the redesigned CSL-IEF has been optimised to perform first-dimension isoelectric focusing (IEF) with IPG (immobilised pH gradient) strips quickly, easily and reproducibly.An ideal entry-level system for both inexperienced and occasional IEF More
A technique that entails immobilisation of proteins or nucleic acids on a solid membrane support, and then detection using a specific antibody or probe of complementary nucleic acid sequence, blotting significantly increases the potential for identification and characterisation of proteins and nucleic acids. Read More
Power Supplies
Whether you require a power supply for routine horizontal DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, or for techniques as technically demanding as SSCP analysis within a large format vertical, or first dimension IEF using IPG strips, Cleaver Scientific can meet your requirements with its comprehensive range of power supplies. Read More
Gel Documentation
Now upgraded with a new 10 megapixel digital camera that has improved high-sensitivity CCD sensor and the latest image processor to guarantee superb resolution, the MicroDOC is the researcher’s choice for a simple ultra-compact gel documentation system that meets constraints in both budget and space within the laboratoryRead More
Reagents & Chemicals
Cleaver Scientific now offers a selection of chemicals and reagents for electrophoresis and molecular biology techniques. Each Cleaver Scientific reagent is manufactured to a high standard, is free of impurities and tested with the most stringent analytical methods.Read More
Radiation Safety
Available in standard 10mm beta-protecting acrylic, 12mm gamma-attenuating lead acrylic and also as duo shielding for protection against both types of emission, Cleaver Scientific’s comprehensive range of Radiation Safety Products comprise a large selection of shields, boxes, waste bins, trays, plus assorted accessories and cabinets.Read More
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