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Deep Freezers
The GFL Deep Freezer range comprises 18 models with seven different cabinet capacities between 30 and 500 litres. Chest and Upright Freezers are designed for ultra-low temperatures of ± 0°C to -40°C and -50 °C to -85°C. They have the CE mark, are maintenance-free and have the GS sign for proven more
Water Baths
A constant GFL offers 5 different kinds of Water Baths, all offering reliable, robust and universally applicable every-day laboratory service for exact more
Shaking Water Baths
The product range of GFL Shaking Water Baths comprises 4 high-performance models which are specialized on varied applications. All Shaking Water Baths bear the CE mark, are maintenance-free and tested according to the German Equipment Safety more
Water Stills
GFL Water Stills are the result of experience for decades and technical advancement. They produce highly pure, poor in gas, bacteria and pyrogen free distillate with very low conductivity. It complies with DAB regulations and with international pharmacopeia more
GFL Incubators take a top position in the market. Three product groups thereby cover most versatile applications in laboratories. A broad range of accessories enlarges the benefit for the more
There are 15 different model variants of GFL Shakers with 6 types of motion. They are controlled either digitally or by analogue means and their max. load is 1.2 to 30 kgs.All GFL Shakers have the CE mark, are maintenance-free and have the German TÜV seal for "approved safety" (GS). Their stable, low-wear drive mechanisms ensure a particularly smooth working and dependable, long-term service. The electronic system controls the soft start-up of the more
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